Chief Electoral Officer, Del Graff, was appointed by the Provincial Council to oversee the Special General Assembly Meeting in May as well as the upcoming elections in September. In his role, Chief Del Graff is responsible for providing guidance and supervision to ensure fair and impartial conduct of the special resolution and election voting process. He will ensure compliance with MNA bylaws and ensure the highest level of integrity throughout the process.


Chief Del Graff has an impressive track record in public service. For over a decade, he served as the Child and Youth Advocate, an Independent Officer of the Alberta Legislature. In this role, he represented the rights, interests, and viewpoints of vulnerable young people across Alberta. Before becoming the Child and Youth Advocate, Chief Del Graff worked for 30 years in the field of addictions and child and family development. Last year, Chief Del Graff served as the Chief Electoral Officer during the historic ratification of our Otipemisiwak Métis Government Constitution.